Today's Technology: Guitar Tuning

It used to be that the average person playing a stringed instrument, often it would be a guitar, had in terms of tuning resources, a tuning fork. This at the time would be considered as the 'best guitar tuner'. In this era, more houses had pianos so it was also common to tune to the piano. In other circles a pitch pipe was used. Many tuned by ear and you can even hear this 'ear tuning' on some popular albums that were recorded at the time. All these tuning circumstances encouraged pitch sensitivity. The instrumentalist really had to focus on what he or she is hearing and tune whatever string involved accordingly.

What was initially available at the time in terms of technology was the 'strobe tuner' created by Peterson Tuners. These tuners were often used by those in the recording and touring profession but were too expensive for the average musician. This tuner was very accurate by nature and was based on technology that was actually invented in 1931. To understand how strobe technology works it might be helpful to look at how it is applied in other industries: any thing that might use a 'flashing light'. This can be found in the airline industry, movie and theater industries, today the cell tower industry and so on. That 'flashing motion' causes circular motion to appear to stop in mid motion until the next flash. Presumably this technique can be applied instead to the sound wave of a guitar string being tuned rather than a light wave and the 'stillness' effect occurs when both are matching the same frequency.

It was the 'Korg' company that came out with the first 'hand held' tuner and this would be in 1975. This tuner was at the time a usable device for all musicians with a price that fit the need. This conception at the time spawned a whole new industry where upon many companies got into the business of instrument tuning. The WT-10 had an L.C.D analog needle display and actually looks similar to a rectangle transistor radio of the time. It could be held up by a brace in the back and looked like it has a number of features on the side. Buttons pressed would accord with the string being tuned. A similar looking tuner is actually available today by the same company with added features.

Today we have many different types of tuners. We have 'clip on' tuners (this idea first spawned by the Intellitouch company), and more console tuners by various companies. We have other companies jumping into the strobe technology arena. We have tuners on a capo, tuners that also have chord references, tuners that have great 'strobe-like' displays and other tuners that have a better response time then others. Some hang on to a note longer than average making the tuner easier to use. We have tuners (usually the clip on style) designed for difficult visual or auditory tuning environments. We have also wireless tuners (exclusively at this time by Korg) with the orchestral environment in mind and tuners that are good for the budget. Many are chromatic and others are designed for a range of instruments. Some are good to use for alternate tuning needs and others for mandolin and violin pitch range. Many have a 'pitch reference' and or a metronome. Many have calibration settings.

Clearly today we have the convenience of a wide range of technology available for a wide range of needs. Because of this we have made whatever tuning situation much easier. For example setting up before a play or setting up before a gig has become less arduous. There are higher tuning standards with today's recordings that come out. People can now tune at the same time without interfering in each others process. When considering a tuner it is important to consider what your needs are in order to make the best investment. It is my hope that in all this our 'pitch' sensitivity needed for yesterday does not get neglected for the conveniences of today.

Energy Preserving and Durable Warning Light LED

A warning light LED conserves energy while giving out high intensity beams with low beam temperature. Their durability and resilience is what makes them ideal for emergency vehicle lighting. Warning lights are used in many different places including highway patrol cars, construction sites especially on the highways, cop cars, ambulances and fire engines. The lights have undergone a lot of improvement in recent times. They can be easily controlled with control circuits which could be as small as an embedded chip in some cases. Using this chip they can be customized to suit different requirements.

Warning light LED circuits make use of III generation LED technology. These light emitting diodes usually include 1 watt elements which keep heat dissipation to a minimum, saving a lot of energy. These can be operated with voltage sources of around 12V. Warning lights are seen in several combination of colors including red, amber, green and even white. The lights can be synchronized to provide several types of flash patterns that can be used for different purposes. The flashback shield that is provided along with these lights can be adjusted for the right angle. Mounting brackets, suction cups and cigarette plug switch for operating these lights are also provided along with other accessories. The intensity of the flashing patterns can also be altered for day and night usage.

Warning light LED varieties also include 10 head, 8 head, 4 head and 2 head combination with different number of flashing patterns. The number of LED elements per head is usually fixed at 3. A push button can be used to change the flashing patterns with ease. The sleek lights are also enhanced with a waterproof design that permits the usage of these lights in harsh weather conditions for long hours. LED arrays are also manufactured in single, multiple or dual modules. The outer lenses are quite small and clear, which makes them undetectable. This permits their usage in stealth vans as well. Linear and split LED models are also manufactured for enhancing the number of options that are available while choosing these lights for various purposes.

One of the most notable attributes of warning light LED circuits, manufactured by some companies is the compactness of the circuit. These compact modules can be mounted anywhere and are highly portable too. Special attention is paid to the resiliency of these circuits. Therefore they can be used in heavy-duty applications, marine applications as well as in other off-road vehicles. The resiliency ensures that the models which are corrosion and moisture resistant can give you extreme longevity even when used in salty, wet and dusty conditions. Therefore these warning lights can be used with motorbikes, utility vehicles and equipment used in different industries. Surface mounted LED circuits can provide wide-angle visibility which is quite critical for warning lights. The compact lights are very easy to install and customize too. The lights can be used in combination with tail and composite lamps in vehicles as well.

Make Your Static Pages Interesting Through Flash

Website can get really boring if it doesn't have any zing or so. Having animations being used in flash websites removes the boringness of a web space or page.

Face it. There are lots of websites in the internet and there could be billions or millions of them. Everyday websites inputs different categories or informations and competition between websites that caters to same markets are fierce.

Your only chance of scoring from visitors to have them revisit your site was, through enticing them using web designs or by making animations with flash. Websites with great designs has more capacity to get seen and heard, and often a great image/animation often leaves a mark to visitors -- and they would love to see your site again, if they found something new or fresh.

Probably, you might have seen great or astounding animations as you search through different websites, your interest or your subconscious might have pushed you into wondering on--how they were able to make the lovely design.

That kind of animation is called "FLASH". Flash is a popular means of creating high-quality, and sleek animations, or even light-weight animations, website layouts, and images.

If you're a web surfer, you must learn or have a hint or knowledge in using this technology, as it can be massively used in web page designing.

Flash websites often increase the chances of having your site noticed among all other websites; as you can make them more stand out compared to other forms of design technologies.

Flash designing can help you create marketing ads, animated images, movies, banners, presentations, tutorials, and even high-quality visual effects in your website.

If your website does not have any image or any animation-- and only contains static images and texts, you can spruce it up using Flash. Websites be turned user friendly, interesting, and fun through the use of flash.

However, the fallback of using too many flash images depends on your means of earning. If you want to earn through Search Engine Optimization or SEO, it is not advisable to have your site designed fully using flash.

If you are earning through SEO, you must use a combination of HTML and Flash so that informations or data from your site can easily be optimized.

If you have added flash animations in your site, you can instantly give an appeal on your website. These animations makes your site achieve a level of graphical feel, amazing visual effects, interactive multimedia, animations, and a personal "feel" or attraction with the merchandises that you sell, or whatever that you wanted to showcase in creating the site.

Using flash on your websites not just spruces up your website, but give your web space an unlimited potential to become a great looking site.

Adding Flash intros or banners in your website was needed to make a personalize and competitive website that could leave a mark to users, and could even raise the chance of having them revisit, or appreciate your site more.

Presently, professional web designers are of high demand. They can play with flash animations and they know how to make interesting or eye-catching designs and effects, that is much needed in making an eye-candy website.

Save Money And Enjoy The Night With LED Bicycle Lights

The New LED Bicycle Lights make Night Riding More Fun

LED Bicycle Lights have completely changed the cost and safety of riding a bicycle at night. As recently as 2004 the standard light was a halogen bulb bicycle light. The old Halogen technology was about 50% brighter for the same power rating than a regular bulb. With a Halogen bulb you could get six to eight hours of use from a set of C or D batteries and you would get about 150 candle power.

LED Bicycle Lights are much Brighter

The latest LED Bike Headlights are ten times brighter than the older Halogen lights. That is right 1500 Candlepower from a set of 4 AA batteries. Going from two Halogen lights on my bicycle to one of the new LED lights was amazing. The one light is so much brighter than I can believe from just 4 little AA batteries. The two halogen lights I used to run on my bike put out about 150 candlepower each and two C cell would last rom 6 to 10 hours. My new light works up to 90 hours and puts out 1500 candlepower.

Batteries for LED Bicycle Lights keep going and going.....

The HL-EL500 is rated by Cateye for 90 hours on standard batteries. This will last most people a couple of years. I used to put batteries in every couple of weeks with the old Halogen bulbs. I have gotten a full winter season out of one set of batteries in my new LED Bicycle Lights.

Do not use Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are great for items that drain your batteries quickly. Unless you ride for an hour a night a couple a nights per week you will probably only go through a set of batteries every year or two.

Light Safety

Do not leave your light on your bike when you lock it up. Almost all the new lights can be removed in a matter of seconds. It is really a pain to come out to your bike and find your light stolen.

LED Tail Lights

LED tail lights are very important if you are riding in traffic. The flashing rear light will alert the passing motorists. I have found that motorists really appreciate the flashing light. They can see you. They have several ways that you can have them flash and a couple of ways that you can mount them to your bike seatpost or bikebag. Often in flashing mode the LED Tailights will work for up to 200 hours.

Avoid Cars

I take responsibility for avoiding cars. When I am on my bicycle I am always aware of what is going on with the cars in my vicinity. I know that even if the car is at fault if there is a collision between myself and a car my body will be the one that pays.

Enjoy your bike---Think outside the Car.

Photography in Dim Light

Most of us at one point in our photographic history realized that capturing images in dim light, or fair darkness changes an otherwise mundane scene into a much more interesting, and in many cases a surreal scene. While capturing this scene in normal daylight is typically fairly straight forward, working with very low light is quite a bit more difficult. There are many minor issues, and just as many larger issues which make it tricky to capture good photography in dim light. As such, we will discuss the big issues which everyone without a doubt has encountered at some point. Sharpness, and accuracy of exposure is always a concern when the light is low. So, let's dig deeper into these issues, and discuss suggestions to improve your low-light photography.

If you are like most people you shoot your low-light, or night photography on the go. This of course means that unless you are already a pro, and have an assistant who carries your tripod, you have to carry it yourself. In most situations tripods are a great tool, however we may not always have them available to us, and at times traveling with one is not easy. There is nothing out there that will replace a stability of a tripod, however if it were not an option there are other things we could do to compensate for low-light. The most simple way is to increase your camera's sensitivity to light. It may sound weird to amateurs, but a higher speed (higher ISO) film, or a setting on a digital camera makes the instrument more sensitive to light. Basically, the higher the ISO setting on your digital camera (ex. 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, etc.) or the ISO rating on your film, the faster it will respond. There are disadvantages to every advantage, and this is no exception. Higher ISO setting on your digital camera means lower image quality. While the camera does become more sensitive to light, and is able to capture lower amounts of light to “paint” the scene correctly, the high ISO also causes “digital noise”which looks like grains of sand sprinkled over the image. Luckily, technology is getting much better, and there are now digital filters built right into the camera which reduce this noise.

Nonetheless, there is some loss of quality. In fact, with most Point-and-Shoot digital cameras the effect is greater than on digital SLRs (Single Lens Reflex cameras), because the image sensor, which actually captures the image through the lens, is very small, in many cases the size of your thumb nail. If you are planning to shoot a lot of low-light photography, consider upgrading to a digital SLR, if you are using a Point-and-Shoot, and are familiar with effects of digital noise. If you are still shooting film, the same problem exists, and higher ISO films are often much more “grainy”than a photograph captured with a digital camera. Some photographers introduce higher ISO films on purpose, because grain is at times considered an artistic effect, however, it has to be used wisely. If you invested in a film or a digital SLR, your options are more open. If you have a reasonable budget, consider getting a fast lens, which will allow more light in and require less sacrificing on the side of quality. Many new digital cameras come with an “Image Stabilization”which allows for sharper images captured at lower ISO settings without a tripod, or another stabilizing device.

Just when you thought getting around without a tripod was difficult enough, I throw another curve ball at you. Overexposed Highlights – are common in photography captured in low light. It is a fine balance, and you never win. You either overexpose the bright light, or underexpose the dim areas of the scene. There is not one solution to this. Try to keep your exposures short, whether you use a fast lens on your SLR, or a higher ISO setting on your Point-and-Shoot, as this will reduce the overexposed lights. If your camera allows for exposure bracketing, use it, and it will help you get the right balance of light and darkness in the scene. Stay away from using any sort of flash, unless you are photographing people, and not a dimly lit scene. If you are shooting people in a club, a pub, or any other dimly lit place, use your flash, and try to be fairly close to your subject(s), because flash drops off very quickly. If you are shooting a street scene, a night landscape, a harbor, or any similar scene, the mood of the scene will be destroyed if any flash is used. The resulting image will be underexposed, and only very near objects will be captured.

Obtaining focus may be difficult at times, when the light really drops off. This is when a manual focus comes in handy. It is unfortunate that most Point-and-Shoot cameras do not have a manual focus option. However, many new cameras have pre-focus lights built into them. If you have this option, make sure it is enabled. The camera sends very quick bursts of light to light the scene, and allow it to obtain focus. In extreme situations a flash light may help too. Simply shine it in the direction of the lens, and let your camera focus. Needless to say, when it is so dark, you MUST have a tripod.

While you will certainly encounter other problems shooting in dim light, the topics covered will no doubt ease your photographic efforts. Ultimately, most of your success will come from practice, and experience.

Programmable and Portable Emergency Light Bars

Portable and programmable emergency light bars find great use in emergency vehicles. Whether it is a cop van, a tow truck or a patrol car, light bars help a great deal with their flashing patterns that are easily customizable. Light bars are usually comprised of LED modules that have arrays of LED that are put together to send out highly intense beams of light. The frequency of flicker of these lights can be controlled and the pulse could be varied to get more than 15 or 20 flashes per second. Highly intense and flashing light bars can be extremely attractive and at the same time attention grabbing, which is exactly the purpose for which they are used.

Emergency light bars come with mounting hardware including mounting brackets, screws and clips which allows easy installation of these light bars on the roof of the vehicle. These light bars can send out highly luminous beams with low beam temperature that can be seen from a great distance too. The combination of powerful sirens and beams of light could be used to caution anyone anywhere. It could also be a sign for imminent danger allowing those driving on the road to be more aware of their surroundings. The optics put into use by the LED modules have been greatly improved too, which means that the off angle and all round visibility has increased to a great extent. For the light bars to be effective this kind of 360 degree visibility is extremely important, especially when one vehicle is leading the way for a few others on the road.

It is pleasantly surprising to note that in spite of the powerful beams and blinding flashes, the truth of the matter is that a 12 V DC source is used in most cases. Similarly, the power wattage of the LED bulbs is usually 1W or 2W in most cases. The wiring is done well and the current flow through the circuit isn't threatening at any point. It is thoroughly ensured that these emergency light bars pose any threat at all thus avoiding situations like external fusing or short circuits which could spark a disaster. There is a full function switch box which ensures that the lights and the flashing patterns can be controlled. Flash pattern toggle switches are also provided with these light bars to allow easy use of these lights. The wire harness ensures easy installation. The generation III LED technology is extremely energy-efficient and cost-effective too.

The arrangement of these LEDs in emergency light bars can also be varied. The number of rows and columns could vary too, with higher light bars having more than 3 rows. The incredibly powerful signals generated by these LED modules also receive further assistance through the use of chrome deflectors and lenses. Polycarbonate material adds to the resilience of the light bars making them perfect for use under all-weather conditions, whether it is foggy or rainy. The intensity of the LEDs could be varied too depending on the usage.

Flash CMS Web Templates: Dynamic Texts And Images In One

The World wide web is already a great surroundings for interaction, business and entertainment. But due to the fact of Flash, it is now richer and extra vibrant. Flash is really a powerful technology that lights up internet content by way of moving pictures, video clips and interactive tools. Flash is the reason why numerous sites gain popularity, simply because it is able to recreate the ideas of internet site owners and users into real life visible written content. From the style aspects of websites, Flash has evolved considerably with the emergence of articles manage systems, or simply CMS. Considering that Flash-enabled programs and companies are found to be tough to manage once they are as well several to handle, CMS lets the user organize, maintain and show several visible written content in their optimal good quality. Currently, you'll find a whole lot of flash cms templates offered online which can help you generate a lot more pleasant-looking web site.

Considering its introduction in the year 1996, Flash is now a critical element inside creation of internet websites and web pages. It has improved throughout the years, and its latest technological innovation, Flash content material management system, is its crowning glory today. The Flash CMS lets the user display dynamic and rich visible subject material with textual contents left uncompromised. Just before with Flash not incorporated with all the CMS know-how, the users have to display visual content material in a very distinct room as that of the textual content material itself. Looking at this view, we can say that CMS is really a useful tool in bring visible and textual subject material together in a single viewing.

There are numerous pros that surround the use of Flash web templates together with the CMS technology included. First, you'll be able to experience an atmosphere where articles is organized, whether they're of textual or visible kind. Animations and videos are displayed a lot simpler and are viewed in a very entire different, but far better, way than prior to utilizing the CMS technological innovation. Subject material and visuals may be viewed all at the same time, thanks to Flash with CMS templates. With this, the website visitors get an initial excellent impression of your products and companies, simply because your presentation with the internet site in its homepage is built a good deal superior by Flash CMS.

When creating a site, a web site owner has the option to hire a professional internet site designer or developer to produce the requirements from the web site and its aesthetics, for example the format, layout and design. However, we all know that this would price too considerably for new web site owners, and also would take a whole lot of time just before even publishing the internet site. Simply because of these drawbacks, Flash templates are now pre-made to accommodate the elements of time, money and effort for the sake from the site. Most of the times, the excellent of customized templates and Flash enabled web templates are just of the identical level, the only difference is that its pre-made nature makes publishing faster but with lower costs when you prefer Flash web templates.

The power of Flash has been intensified by the CMS technological innovation since its creation a few years back. With flash cms templates, you may be assured of publishing an attractive website in a very short period of time.

Jet Ski LED Lighting

Every year there are more and more jet ski accidents in the United States. In fact the number of deaths per year is increasing. It would be smart to outfit such water toys with bright white LED flashing lights. To insure that these lights work consistently in the water; I propose that we use some new technology being introduced in consumer flashlights. As the jet ski hops across the wake and waves the vibrational energy can shake the power system to keep the flashing lights on. The bumps on the water can power up the anti-collision warning lights using electromagnetic induction technology to charge a capacitor instead of the lights working off a battery.

Currently there are some nifty micro-flashlights being used which you can buy which use a similar technique and are available thanks to the Everlight Flashlight technology research lab. These smaller flashlights work by shaking them for about thirty seconds and shine for about 6 minutes and they shine quite bright since they use a very bright LED light. Here is a link to this home use flashlight:

Here is a quick movie you can watch online to see how this technology works.

I propose we use the engine rumble to light up the dashboard of the jet ski and anti-collision flashing lights. Generally you have to wait thirty seconds for the engine's oil pressure to come up anyway and thus the anti-collision warning system will light up right away. As the jet ski moves faster over the waves it will automatically increase the intensity of the light and make it brighter, thus adding more safety.

This does not mean that the anti-collision lights would not be hooked up to a battery, only that you would not be asking for any juice. If they get too dim from too smooth of water, yah, we wish, then the system would revert back to the battery. Perhaps this is a good way to save lives on the water? Think on this.

Emergency Strobe Light That Save Lives

Emergency Strobe lights have been commonly used by emergency vehicles such as police and fire in most countries around the world for many years. These mainly consist of lights in the colors of red, blue and amber.

Marine warning lights are also a variation of an emergency strobe light and they come in various shapes and sizes.

A most popular emergency strobe light is that used in the security industry in alarm systems that automatically flash their warning if set off by an intruder.

They are generally used in entertainment clubs to give an illusion of slow motion as a light flashing at a low speed can give the appearance of being able to freeze motion. An emergency strobe light however can be calibrated to flash at several hundreds of times a second therefore indicating a need for emergency attention.

Many of its applications can only be used in certain industrial situations however, because such light is capable of triggering photosensitive epilepsy in those who are vulnerable. They therefore need to be kept isolated from public places.

It is basically a device used to produce regular flashing of light, using halogen bulbs, however the trend these days is to replace the halogen bulb with LED technology. LED technology provides a higher light intensity with less power consumption.

Besides an emergency strobe light remaining indispensable in an emergency situation a strobe light variant is also used in decoration off road where they come with a control box that can alter the flash pattern and flash frequency. They can be tuned to produce a normal light which in turn is able to be changed back at will to a flashing light. These strobe lights come with several color filter plates. The operator can change the strobe color by using different plates.

Basic Understanding of Your Digital Camera Flash

Many of us do not think twice about the usage of our digital camera's flash assuming that the camera will use the flash automatically as needed. Flash however can and should be manually set in many scenarios resulting in high quality digital photos.

The most common usage of flash photography is when there is not enough ambient light for example when taking an indoor digital photo in a dark room. There are many other ways in which you can use your digital camera's flash to get high quality digital photos. One such usage is fill-in flash.

Before setting your flash to manual mode and making more efficient usage of it you should know a bit more of the technology and history behind flash photography. Flash photography has been around for more than a century. During the early days of photography flash was implemented as a powder that was literally lit by either fire or electrical current. At that time flash photography was a risky business. Digital cameras today use a safe implementation by utilizing electronic flash tubes that are automatically synchronized with the camera's shutter.

You have two options for using flash with your digital camera. The first option is using the digital camera internal flash. Practically all digital cameras have build-in flash units. Most cameras also allow the usage of an external flash unit. Such flash units can be either mechanically attached to the digital camera or they can be connected to the camera via a cable and mechanically positioned on a tripod or any other mechanism. They are synchronized and controlled by the digital camera. External flash units vary in price and features. They can have different maximum light energy that they can emit and different mechanical capabilities (tilting, skewing).

In automatic flash mode the camera sensors evaluate the amount of ambient light in the scene. The digital camera fires the flash if the amount of ambient light is not high enough. There are limitations to the cameras automatic sensors resulting in either firing the flash when it was not needed or vice versa.

In some scenarios the usage of flash can result in poor digital photos. For example when the object is too close to the digital camera the flash light will be too strong and will wash out the object. Another example is in scenarios where the flash creates unwanted shadows in the digital photo. Yet another example is exaggeration of details such as when shooting a digital photo of an older person the skin wrinkles and imperfections details can be overly detailed.

Digital camera's flash units have a certain effective range. This is a limitation of how much light energy the flash unit can emit. Internal flash units usually have shorter range than external flash units. If the object in the photo is outside of the flash range - the flash will not be effective and the object will be dark. On the other hand if the object is too close to the flash unit or the flash unit emits too much energy the object will be washed out. If your object is outside of your flash unit effective range you should turn off the flash and use slow shutter photography preferably with a tripod or another stabilizing mechanism. If your flash units allows the setting of the light energy that will be fired (usually by setting the distance to the object) - make sure that it is set right to prevent washed out objects.

In some scenarios there will be enough ambient light to take a digital photo but without the usage of the flash the digital photo quality will be very poor. In such scenario if the camera is left on automatic flash mode it will not fire the flash. For example daytime photography with an object that is shadowed. If the object is wearing a hat it can create shades on the object's face or when the object is lit from the side the object's nose can create shades too. Putting the flash in manual fill-in mode will force the flash to fire. The flash will lit those shadowed areas and prevent the shades in the final digital photo. The object of course must be in effective flash range. Another example is an object that is lit from behind such as when taking a digital photo of an object against a sunset. Without a fill-in flash the photo will likely be just a dark silhouette of the object.

These were some basic concepts behind flash usage. There are many other advanced options for your digital camera flash. For example bounce flash can result in great digital photos - in that mode instead of pointing the flash directly at the object it is pointed to some reflecting surface like a wall or a special reflector. The result is more natural light and color rich digital photos.

Flash Flex for E-Commerce Portal

Internet is a wonder that made marketing and selling easy. Thanks to it that we now have e-commerce to enable these things. Today any product you name, you will find it online. The greatest advantage of online marketplace is the wide array of choices that you have. It allows you to compare prices, choose from a wide range of products and make the best buy. Even as a business prospect, running an e-commerce website can be very lucrative. Technologies like Flash Flex development can help you start an e-commerce website with minimum investment.

With Flex Flash technology, you can add every kind of interactive elements to your website ranging from videos to audio to graphics. Flex basically is open source software that runs on Adobe Flash. Flex makes it possible to develop lighter codes that can be accessed in all major browsers and reduces development cost. With the increasing demand Flash Flex developers are having their hands full of challenging projects.

Flash and Flex helps you make a page attractive and glossy while retaining all the information too. With increasing bandwidth, adding videos on a site has become easier and necessary. For an e-commerce website, you can upload few videos on products and customer experience. Rich Internet Applications (RIA) have become the USP of any website today and Flash Flex is the appropriate technology which facilitates this. Like any other type of portal, e-commerce portals too need special web development procedure. Custom flash flex development is very important if you want to make your site different from the others.

Advantages of Flash Flex for e-commerce portal

  • An essential component of an e-commerce portal is the extensive information that needs to be provided to the prospective buyer. Building a Rich Internet Application thus becomes very important. Flex development involves extensive libraries for various components. This makes it extremely beneficial for an e-commerce portal.
  • Flex allows data synchronization that is unmatched. This becomes relevant in the context of an e-commerce portal as we are talking about extensive data storage.
  • Since Flex runs on Flash, creating picture galleries becomes easy. Flash flex also helps in developing video apps and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.
  • Another advantage of coding with Flex is that the users are no longer required to install additional software to run the RIA. The coding platform is already integrated with Flash.
  • For any website, bringing in traffic is essential. For e-commerce portals, the need for new customers is more as the entire system is based on selling products. Flash Flex is build with light codes thus becoming easy for search engine optimization (SEO).

So hire a flex flash for e-commerce Development Company now and get your business started online!

PS3 Troubleshooting - The Yellow Light Of Death

The PlayStation 3 is an amazing piece of technology with almost 30 million having been sold worldwide. But like any machine it is prone to problems. The most common such issue with the PlayStation 3 is the yellow light of death. This happens to be incredibly frustrating, especially if you are in the middle of a game. There are a few causes for the yellow light error, but the main one is overheating.

If you suspect your console of overheating then the first thing you must do is to switch it off for at least an hour to try and let the machine cool down sufficiently for you to continue playing. Once the time has passed turn the ps3 back on and check if you can still see the yellow light error. If you can still see the flashing light then check if a particular side on your console is hotter than the rest. If there is one then it may be worth purchasing a fan, similar to the ones you can get for laptops, and try sitting your ps3 on it and see how this helps.

It is advisable to take a look at the positioning of your console. If it is in the corner of your room this can cause overheating as heat tends to build up in these areas. Also if your console is in an entertainment unit with all your audio visual equipment this will not be helping. All this equipment will emit heat and if the ps3 is just pumping warm air through it then it will never keep cool. If you do keep your console in a unit then it is a good idea to keep the doors open whilst playing.

Check your machine for any build ups of dust particles especially around the vents. If these are clogged up then dust the console with a soft cloth. This should allow air to move more freely throughout the PlayStation 3. It is worthwhile to make this a regular task to prevent the problem happening again.

Is your machine laying flat? I know there is a myth that if your console is vertical then it has trouble reading the discs, but this is untrue as the machine was designed to be positioned vertically. This will help your machine because hot air rises and will be able to escape much more easily.

If after performing these simple maintenance procedures you are still seeing the yellow light of death, then further research may be needed. There is a plethora of information available online if you need more assistance on this matter.

The Snap On LED Cap Light Is a Must Have

People who are passionate and have a craze for outdoor activities like camping and fishing always search for new inventions that will be helpful for their adventures. Keeping in view the needs and demands of such activities we have seen new products being introduced every other day in the markets. Recently a snap on LED cap light is launched, which has got warm appreciation from the users.

This much talked snap on cap light with 5 LED is ideal and most suitable for a fishing trip or a night out at camping. Its arrival has provided a best alternative for the head lamps. It not only allows a better vision due to the perfect lighting effect but also it has an ability to adjust on any of your much liked hat or baseball cap. The ease of adjustment and the best angle of light that it offers make it a great choice for night time fishing. Moreover the user can make use of both the constant and blink mode of light with this snap on LED cap light.

Some of the distinctive features of this cap light includes its portability as it is has a net weight of just 30 grams while the weight of batteries is also included in that. The water resistance and float characteristics alone make it a stand out product. Further it is small in size that makes it very handy. The size is around 8 cm x 4.8 cm and one can easily keep it in his pocket as well. With the purchase of this cap light with LED, you will also find two 2 lithium long life replaceable button cells batteries along with it.

Further to its mentioned benefits this LED cap light enables you to work completely hands free. You only require wearing a hat and then you will be free to work even in the dim, shady or the darkest environment. The combine features of water resistance and light weightiness makes it really useful and so compatible that it allows you to use it in any condition as you just need to clip the LED light to your cap.

There are five dazzling lights on it that will definitely brighten your target things regardless of the fact that how dark they are. These lights can give you 48 hours no stop and constant burn time. The presence of multipurpose switch enables the flash light with single click, non stop light with double click and can turn off the light with a third click.

With the presence of such invention, no one now needs to follow the old fashioned lamp and flashlights. As the time has now changed, new technologies are knocking the doors; it is high time to honor the change and to make full utilization of the latest and most modern available technology. Stop using your both hands to perform the job, cherish the luxury by new cap lights. Fishing and camping will now offer sheer excitement and utmost fun with the snap on LED cap light.

What to Do If You See the Flashing Lights of an Emergency Vehicle in Your Rear Mirror

There is no feeling quite like the one you get when you hear a wailing siren and look up to see flashing blue lights in your rear view mirror. The initial panic that you are about to get pulled over can make your driving erratic even if, as in most cases, the emergency vehicle simply wants to get by.

The police, fire service and ambulance are all permitted to use blue flashing lights and sirens when reacting to an emergency situation, they are also allowed to break certain road regulations and speed limits, including driving through red lights if the circumstances dictate. Other services are also permitted to use flashing blue lights including coastguard, mountain rescue bomb disposal and medical transplant services. Additionally a doctor answering an emergency call will use flashing green lights.

When you first see the blue flashing lights you must override the feeling of panic and stay calm, in most cases the emergency vehicle will just want to get past as quickly, safely and smoothly as possible. Avoid the temptation to slam on the brakes and pull up on the curb, instead look ahead for a safe spot to pull over and then indicate so the following driver knows what you are doing.

Once the emergency vehicle has passed you by, resist the temptation to pull straight back out again, as it is possible that the emergency may require several vehicles and so other emergency services may also be following closely behind. Once they have passed take a few moments to reassess the traffic situation before pulling back out as the event may have left other roads users slightly alarmed or confused.

Often you will hear the siren before you see the emergency vehicle, and although siren technology has advanced beyond the basic two tone siren, it can still be difficult to locate where the sound is coming from. If this occurs at a junction then take extra time to try and locate the source of the sound before proceeding.

If you are being followed by a police car which requires you to stop, then they will normally do so by flashing their car headlight bulbs, indicating and pointing to you to pull over to the left. Remember you must still find a safe place to pull over and once stopped you should switch off the engine. Remain calm and courteous to the police officer at all times and be prepared to produce your driver's license, certificate of insurance and any other relevant motoring documents.

Alongside the Police patrol cars you may now also see the Highways Agency Traffic Officers on motorways. Often their vehicles can be confused for police cars as they have similar reflective markings and blue lights on the roof. Remember, whilst a Traffic Officer cannot charge you with any motoring offenses, including speeding, it is an offence not to comply with their directions.

Brite Strike Flash Light Review

If you're looking for the ultimate duty grade tactical flash light, this is a must read. I will layout the features, durability, and my conclusion of the Brite Strike duty grade tactical flashlight giving you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.


· The RL-198-HLS Brite Strike Flash light operates with a single finger tail cap push button allowing your other hand to be free. It produces 198 lumens on High, 90 lumens on low and with a third push of the button emits a blinding 198 lumens Strobe that will disorient and distract any assailant.

· The cutting edge 3 watt Luxeon LED technology rated to more than a 100, 000 hours; that translates to 12, 500 eight hour shifts. The LED's don't emit the blue ring typical of most LED flashlights it just offers a bright white lumen due to the faceted machined aluminum reflector and the Luxeon Led Technology.

· Equipped with pocket clips to fit easily on any vest, shirt or front pants pocket making them ideal for easy retrieval. They also come standard with nylon holder.

· The tri sided barrels were designed for maximum grip in your hand and clap to your weapon easier than most tactical flashlights.

· IT also features front and rear crowns designed specifically for striking the unruly suspect in emergency situations.

· Being compact and light weight, measuring approximately 5" long and ¾" in diameter makes it versatile enough to be carried by SWAT, detectives, and plain clothes police officers.


· The Brite Strike's case is made of a new propriety super hard finish exceeding Mil-specs class 3 hard anodized. I tried to scratch the finish with a knife to no avail. The finish is extraordinarily tough.

· The case is CNC machined from a solid bar of aerospace grade aluminum.

· The Brite Strike is water proof. To test this theory I filled my utility sink with water turned on the flash light and plugged it under water for 5 minutes. It worked perfectly! Upon exiting the water I dried the exterior and opened it up; it was bone dry inside.

· The Brite Strike claims to be shock proof, so I dropped it from 3' high and 5' high; it never skipped a beat.


· After reading about and testing the Brite Strike myself I believe this tactical flashlight to be one of the best on the market today. It will stand up to the day to day abuse. If you are looking for a tuff water proof, shock proof flashlight that will out shine and out last most flashlights on the market today this should be your choice.

Macro Led Ring Flash Light: The Key to a Detailed Close-Up Shot

A macro LED ring flash light is the device behind the good shots of macro photographers. Macro photography is also known as close-up photography. Simply put, this kind of photography is for taking images of close-up subjects. Usually, these subjects are smaller than their pictures. That's why photographers need to move the camera closer to the subject in order for them to make good shots and show its tiny details. Moving the camera closer to the subject used to entail lot of challenges to photographers because this may affect the qualities of the picture. That's because of the shadow of lens in the picture itself. Thanks to macro LED ring flash light, photographers need not to worry anymore about taking quality macro shots. Because of this type of light, macro photographers will not have any problems taking quality close-up photos.

The macro LED ring flash light makes use of the technology of light emitting diodes or LEDs. LEDs are the substance that makes this device work. It converts electrons into photons through a process called electro luminescence. These photons are the one responsible for the type of light emitted by LEDs. The color of the light produced by these photons mainly depends on the corresponding energy level and gap between the LEDs. Before, LEDs substances give off red light with a very low intensity level. However, it eventually offered almost all colors and types of light with higher intensity levels because of the major breakthroughs in this kind of technology.

Because macro flash is built around the circular lens of modern cameras featured in the market today, it will emit an even distribution of light during macro pictorial where flash settings are highly recommended. Also, the intensity level and the brightness of the light radiated by macro LED ring flash light forms a halo effect. The halo effect is usually the result of taking photos against the sun light. This creates an imaginary glow around the subject, which further enhances the view of the said subject.

The macro LED ring flash light caters to wide ranges of photography techniques depending on the need of the photographers. They are also cheaper compared to other macro flash alternatives available in the market. Aside from these, it does not have issues with compatibility and the metering settings of the camera because this type of light doesn't actually use flash in taking photos. Unlike cameras with the usual flash settings that turns on only when needed, cameras with a macro LED ring flash light has its lights turned on during the entire photo session. They are like flashlights that lights the subject all throughout the photo shoot.

Flashing Christmas Lights Add Life to the Holidays

Flashing Christmas lights are the perfect item to add to the theme of family Yuletide festivities. Family is key when it comes to this wonderful time of year and the beams of joy that come with it. Theme is crucial in most family affairs, and what the theme centers around is the beautiful display of flashing Christmas lights.

Twinkling, or blinking lights as they are sometimes called, are a representation of the hope that comes with this Noel month brought about by the birth of Christ. Winter is a dreadfully cold and despairing stretch, and with it comes depression for millions.

The flashing Christmas lights are a symbol of hope, which is what is needed around this integral of time. Everyone wants their X-mas to be special and perfect, and these different lighting displays can help do just that!

Flashing Christmas lights are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes depending on what is needed for the fiesta of joyous celebration. Some choose angel blinking bulbs, bird twinkling beams and so forth, and there are even snowflakes!

The idea is to choose a theme, and adorn everything with the beams of happiness that surround that particular theme. These beacons provide a touch of class and sophistication to your Yuletide tree and outdoor adornment.

The starry effect is an absolute fabulous way to go if you want your holiday to be precious and special. Shimmering décor sprinkled with technology is the new bomb of wintertime festivities, and they will provide a stunning effect for sure!

Shopping for your holiday décor needs online will save you a ton of money and time, not to mention, there will be a lot less stress. You can safely shop for ornaments, X-mas figurines, artificial trees, and all the accessories online at the Christmas store of your choice with no hassle and no crowds to worry about.

Children love to see the displays of the holidays, and some of the season’s decor can actually be left up for decoration all year round. Flicker flame bulbs that snuggle your shrubs and bushes, figurines that are placed on the lawn, and maybe angels drifting above, surrounding the clouds with their shimmering presence are just a few examples!

You can make weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and even graduation a spectacular event with a magnificent array of flashing Christmas lights! LED's of any size, shape, and color will make a profound impact on anyone that is in viewing distance of them. The entire idea is to make this Nativity season one that will never be forgotten, and the decor that is chosen can certainly make this dream come true.

Be sure to remember to get all the accessories needed while shopping online, such as a X-mas tree stand, spare bulbs, tree skirt, and maybe a few extra gifts to boot because this time of year is the time to give. So, make it a precious and special time! Keep the holiday fires burning, and make as many memories as possible, because there will never be another Christmas like this one!
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