Emergency Strobe Light That Save Lives

Emergency Strobe lights have been commonly used by emergency vehicles such as police and fire in most countries around the world for many years. These mainly consist of lights in the colors of red, blue and amber.

Marine warning lights are also a variation of an emergency strobe light and they come in various shapes and sizes.

A most popular emergency strobe light is that used in the security industry in alarm systems that automatically flash their warning if set off by an intruder.

They are generally used in entertainment clubs to give an illusion of slow motion as a light flashing at a low speed can give the appearance of being able to freeze motion. An emergency strobe light however can be calibrated to flash at several hundreds of times a second therefore indicating a need for emergency attention.

Many of its applications can only be used in certain industrial situations however, because such light is capable of triggering photosensitive epilepsy in those who are vulnerable. They therefore need to be kept isolated from public places.

It is basically a device used to produce regular flashing of light, using halogen bulbs, however the trend these days is to replace the halogen bulb with LED technology. LED technology provides a higher light intensity with less power consumption.

Besides an emergency strobe light remaining indispensable in an emergency situation a strobe light variant is also used in decoration off road where they come with a control box that can alter the flash pattern and flash frequency. They can be tuned to produce a normal light which in turn is able to be changed back at will to a flashing light. These strobe lights come with several color filter plates. The operator can change the strobe color by using different plates.

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